What pulled me into Pin-up?

I had always loved vintage, even in my childhood. My mother always told me I had “an eye” for it. I could zero in on vintage items at thrift stores (still can!) as if it was a magical gift.  Each vintage item has a story to tell, a deeper history behind it. I love every detail about vintage, and as for many vintage lovers, I am drawn to the fifties. This era had good girl vs. bad girl style; each holding on to a level of femininity and class not like any other era.

In my teens my obsession for Bettie Page began. Her spirit was care free. She managed to be rebellious just by being herself and in my youth, I was attracted to this notion. It created a wonderful winding road into pin-up history and fashion. The older I got the more my admiration for pin up grew. As well as my fashion sense. I began to better organize my outfits. I tried to have a little pin up flare even in my most modern styles. I am the most “me” when dressing in a pin-up inspired outfit or having pin-up inspired make up.

Pin-up is about accepting who you are for exactly who you are. This includes your “flaws,” may they be physical, mental or emotional. It’s about owning yourself, your mistakes, your quirks. Most importantly it’s about being happy with who you are, in this moment.

“Modern” pin-up I believe is a movement. It’s more than dressing cute, cheeky or sexy and taking pretty pictures. It’s a life style of open-minded, body positive, uplifting people loving life and celebrating who they are, together. So…maybe the pretty pictures pulled me in but it’s history and ever evolving force is what holds me.


Bettie Page Beach


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Hello, Cool cats! Welcome to my blog, where I'll be posting fun pin up fashion ideas, my vintage collection and bits and pieces of my life. ❤️

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