How my Pin-Up style has changed:


I must honestly say, I don’t dress pin up daily. I did in my early to mid-twenties when I had the time and a job that allowed me to wear what I wanted to freely. I particularly didn’t dress pin-up while pregnant. Not that I didn’t want to, of course. I had terrible morning sickness much of my pregnancy. It was very difficult to get out of bed let alone put a cute outfit together. How could I wear that outfit with pride as if I wasn’t going to vomit at the smell of coffee brewing in it? Yes, the smell of coffee made me sick early in my pregnancy and yes, it was very depressing. I lived in sweat pants and maxi dresses throughout my pregnancy. I can think of two days I attempted to dress pin-up while pregnant: Christmas and my Birthday. Both ended poorly in terms of feeling well… and feeling cute.

Clothing →

As I stated in my previous post, I do try to have a little pin-up/rockabilly flare in my outfits. It is a great confidence boost for me and I truly feel “me” that way. But my pin-up style has certainly evolved. Especially now that I am a mother. I noticed now I go for more cute looks, especially when going out with my family. Something fun that I can easily match an outfit with my daughter to. Recently I’ve been into a darker — more gothic pin up look when going out with friends or on a date night with my husband. As my tattoo collection grows so does my love for a classic vampy, Morticia-esc look.

I also dress to better suit my post pregnancy body. I am much thinner than before I became pregnant. My “Va-Va-Voom” dresses just don’t sit the same on my slimmer frame.

My early days of pin up style were rather basic. I wore typical, staple pin up pieces. I was not very adventurous and stuck to clichés of the fifties and rockabilly fashion. Now, I’m all over the map. And I love that.

Hair →

I wore a bandana in my hair every day. It’s still one of my favorite go to hair dos. A little pompadour with straight hair or braided pigtails. That was my “lazy” hair.

As I grew my confidence, I would randomly curl my hair and have a suicide roll or victory rolls. Victory rolls will forever be my favorite hair style (that I don’t do enough). Getting older my new “lazy” hair became a high and tight bun sitting right on top of my head. I add a bow or flower to match my outfit and out the door I go. It’s so easy and cute I wear it rather often.

My hair is very soft, frizzy and not exactly straight…not exactly curly. It’s very difficult for my hair to hold a curl. The only thing that holds well is a wet set. I love the out come but I don’t enjoy doing a wet set at all. If I don’t do it just right I lose the curl and it drives me insane. I wish I had the patience to do it more often. My plan was to try and do it once a week….but life just gets in the way. At least that’s my excuse.


Make up →

I always loved playing with make up. I used to wear very creative eye shadow. I had a lot of fun with it. I still have fun with it but prefer the classic pin up look. Matte shadows, winged black eye liner and a red lip. It’s my daily face. For occasions, I add some dark shadow for drama. I try to jazz it up a bit. It all depends on my mood and how much time I have.

Here’s a visual timeline of my pin up evolution →


Here’s a more stereotypical rockabilly/pinup look. At this time I was tending bar at a real dive and could wear what I wanted to. I got both the top and jeans from a local clothing store that is no longer in business.


I love this look and wish I could apply my make up this perfectly all the time. I did the victory rolls myself and remember being incredibly proud of the outcome.


This is the day my husband asked me to marry him! We were in Salem, MA for his birthday and he ended up surprising me with a proposal! The top is from Go Jane and no longer available. The skirt is one of my favorite prints and may be difficult to find. There are limited sizes available here for the Banned Palm Springs skirt.


Here I am with my husband on my 29th birthday, 8 months pregnant. It was very hot and we were miserable. I planned to wear this dress just for my birthday. Not the best choice for a big baby bump as this dress has no stretch. That was my own fault being very stubborn and determined to wear it. I truly am in love with this dress and it’s still available here: Voodoo Vixen – Adelyn Striped Swing Dress


My beautiful baby girl and I on Christmas. I loved this look and the matching happened by accident. This look is what started me wanting to match for every occasion. I bought her dress and sweater from Carters. The fuzzy sweater is from Collectif, the skirt is from Hell Bunny, the brooch is from Erstwilder and are all no longer available.

Looking at these photos, I feel like my outfits got better but my hair has become incredibly boring. I stopped bleaching it after I became pregnant and haven’t decided what my next step will be. I definitely don’t want to go back to blonde. I loved it but that look was part of a chapter in my life that has since closed. Plus, once my roots started to show I ran to get them done and that gets rather expense.

I’m hoping I can find more excuses to dress up and match with my little one in the future. And hopefully figure out what in the world to do with my hair!

Until next time.


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